The black German Shepherd puppies for sale in Michigan are among the best types in the state. Recently, I found out that one of the secrets of coming up with these fine puppies is to know the correct ways of handling them. I think this pretty much goes to other puppy breeds as well. Taking care of German Shepherd puppies is far more challenging than how it appears. Therefore, it will be of great help for us to know the basic aspects that comprise this particular famous breed. That way, we can get the basic picture of what we are in for the long haul. This is as far as taking care of the puppies is concerned.


Physical Attributes

Gender plays a great role in determining the size of the German Shepherd. Generally, males appear larger than their female counterparts, as far as height and body build are concerned. Males typically stand from around 24 to 26 inches while their female counterparts approximately stand two inches smaller. The average weight for these breeds has wider ranges and gaps, gender-wise. Feminine German Shepherds typically weigh around 60 to 80 pounds while the masculine pack can go as heavy as 75 to 100 pounds. Some breeders go over the given range and intentionally rear oversized dogs. Most of these German Shepherds stand somewhere between 28 to 30 inches and generally weigh 140 pounds.


Short Coat For Black German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Michigan

As far as I am concerned, there are two main types of coats that these babies have. Dog breeders usually are the ones who dictate the type of coat that they want the puppies to have, mainly because they are responsible for grooming them.

Short coats are the more common coat variety. Most of the dog show enthusiasts typically dub this as the plush variety. To produce a short coat, the dog breeders look at the entire cover in two layers. The outer coat is the main focus for this variety because this is the layer that the dog show audience notices first. On the other hand, the inner coat is simply preserved to protect the skin underneath. To give a good degree of exposure for both layers, most of the dog breeders keep the inner layer longer than the outer layer.


Long Coat For Black German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Michigan

Long coats are generally not accepted in most dog shows that I attended. I think the main reason behind that is the fact that the short counterpart is the norm, the same way that a “clean haircut” for schoolboys is considered the “proper” style.


Parting Words

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In MichiganKnowing the basic aspects of a specific dog breed can certainly help us understand them more. In turn, these fragments of knowledge can serve as a good leverage point to help us know what to do with them and how to domesticate them. If you ask me, the possibilities and opportunities that you can get out of knowing the basic puppy knowledge can bring you to greater heights. Some instances can even help you end up being a German Shepherd enthusiast. This can only be possible if you start to check out stuff like black German Shepherd puppies for sale in Michigan.